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Welcome to Van Buren County, Tennessee!

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It is with regret and in deepest sorrow that we report the passing of Sheriff Grayson Beasley on the morning of 2013 February 20, unexpectedly and of natural causes. Requiescat in pace

A temporary sheriff has been appointed.
Details will be provided as soon as they are avialible.

On this website you will be able to find information relating to the Sheriff's Office immediately available here so that you do not have to call their office directly by phone. On the other hand, this website will make it easier for you to contact the Sheriff's Office over the internet as an alternative to using the phone. You will even be able to send in anonymous tips using the inquiry/feedback form provided.

This site will provide information on the employees of the Sheriff's Office and their duties. It will provide information on the jail, the courts, and so forth.

But in any emergency situation call 911!

Do NOT waste time on the internet or trying to call office phone numbers!

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